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Optimize your operations

The business opportunity of quality and traceability

Predictive Maintenance

Boost Inventory

With real-time measurements, you should quickly step into the manufacturing processes that require your attention.

In addition to your judicious KPIs, FACTO allows you to make continuous improvement your ally in order to seize today's and tomorrow's business opportunities.

Determine the best time for maintenance taking into account the latest real-time use and wear data from all the equipment and the actual availability of personnel.

Master the inventory flow of inputs to finished products to ensure just-in-time supplies and deliveries.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Smart Factory Network

10% to 50% productivity increase

Eliminate inventory losses

Increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by developing optimal use of your production facilities and limiting stops to the bare minimum.

Real-time networking provides an opportunity for each employee to contribute fully to the continuous improvement of the quality of your products and services.

Did you know?
Custom solutions and the integration of the MES FACTO suite allow for improvements of 10% to 50% of the targeted processes.

The exact measurement of inventory levels makes over-storage obsolete and enables Just-in-time production if need be.

Reel-time KPIs and OEE

Business Continuity through Quality

See much further with the BIG DATA

Financial profitability

Thanks to FACTO, our manufacturing execution system suite for piloting your production equipment, measure KPIs and OEE in real-time.

The process of continuous improvement is a must for the business continuity of your company and its production facilities.

Real-time wear and tear measurements and ongoing events reporting allow Machine learning and prescriptive programming for your equipment equipment.

These are the gains in productivity and profitability we offer you to carry out throughout the value chain of your company.

About us

A word of introduction
Everything is possible

Our mission is to support companies in their digital transition to switch to 4.0 mode.

With this in mind, J Innovations specializes in the realization of innovative software solutions and high value-added products in the industrial sector.

J Innovations is a company made up of experienced industrial enthusiasts who have worked in both production and high-level management.

With this experience, our products and services know how to adapt to the constraints of the industry.

Trust us to move your project to another level and accompany you in your digital transition.

Passion, rigor and integrity are key values ​​in every aspect of our work.

  • Our Experience

    Our mandates have allowed us to work for local and international companies in the most advanced fields such as

    - Aeronautics

    - Automotive industry

    - Metallurgy

    - Location and GPS tracking.

  • Our expertise

    Our approach allows you to quickly understand your needs. We are developing our offer and products so that you can seize all the opportunities for optimization and development offered by your current facilities.

  • The best solution at the best price!

    Our modular software solutions contribute to the sustainability of business and technology and your business. Seize the future! We are the best solution at the best price!